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Travellers Notebooks | My Journey

Although I coo about my Nuuna notebooks, I first started my planner journey with a classic, original Midori. I’m one of those people who will go and watch YouTube videos on various types of planner set ups and will end up wanting 50 different planners, inserts, fauxdoris, realdoris.. You get the picture?

So I want to share with you my Travellers notebook experience and hopefully enlighten some of you whilst trying not to cause too much ‘enabling’!

Here are the three travellers notebooks I own. From left to right there’s an original Midori in brown, then there’s a Zenko Leather Field Notes sized travellers notebook in dark burgundy. Then finally, my newest addition, a Chic Sparrow Creme Brulee in dark brown, also in a field notes size.

I bought the original Midori first and found the leather to die for. It’s got a certain texture like no other and I can honestly see why some people never stray away from the originals. If I’m entirely truthful? I never gave this cover a real chance. I looked at it often, stroked it more often and regularly smelt it (yep, smelt it!), but never properly used it.

I then stumbled across the amazing Listers Gotta List challenge by Cori. Not only is this a task perfect for those wanting to get into journaling without too much pressure, it’s such a fun thing to do! This also turned out to be perfect timing as I soon realised my midori was the perfect size to stick project life cards in and journal around!

So, I do still use this traveller’s notebook. However it’s really only to keep my list challenges in so that they’re away from my daily planning but still kept beautifully in a beautiful cover!

The next cover I purchased was the Zenko Leather traveller’s notebook cover. This was very much bought as on impulse! (I bought this whilst we were on holiday) I saw a few videos about field notes and the usefulness of their size and I was sold! (I’m VERY easily persuaded). I don’t know what made me go for Zenko Leather as opposed to any other type, but again the leather is just stunning.

I bought some Moleskine pocket notebooks and some dot grid Field Notes to go in this cover, I used it for a bit, but just couldn’t get it to work for me. I found it very difficult to be able to fit everything I needed in such a size and was also struggling for ideas as to what to actually write in it (this was before I found Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to be such goldmines!). I also didn’t get on well with the Moleskine paper as I found it too thin and the cream colour wasn’t my favourite, and I didn’t love the the Field Notes dot grid either – nothing can compare to the Nuuna Notebook! I decided to return to the safety of my Nuuna Noteboks and this is when I found a much more ideal planning situation, which I mention in my previous blog! So this journal cover now sits next to my Midori. They are there to be lusted over!

My final, beautiful, traveller’s notebook is the Chic Sparrow Creme Brulee. This cover is just ridiculous. It smells like something out of this world, is literally the softest and smoothest leather I’ve had the joy to touch and the craftsmanship is unfaultable.

All the ladies and gentlemen on YouTube showing off their wonderful Chic Sparrow covers sold me and before I knew it, another order went on its way! (Can you now see why I have to do a no spend October?)

Now. I’m a fool. I told you I’m an impulse buyer. I bought this cover in a Field Notes size. Yep. I just moaned about not enjoying the size but bam, I went straight back there and for the life of me I’m still trying to figure out why!

I was desperate for a way to make this cover work. I love it so much and didn’t want to have to shelf it like the others, so I started browsing Instagram and came across a lady who goes by the username @bibo_blue. This lady, although she may not know me, was a blessing! What this ingenious lady had done was pop her A6 Leuchtturm1917 into her pocket journal cover!

Through this whole process, I’ve never been certain of what I wanted to gain from these traveller’s notebook covers. I didn’t know if I wanted to plan in them, journal, list or anything else! All I knew is that I needed one (or three – whoops!) in my life!

When I saw @bibo_blue’s Instagram photo, I just knew that I needed to try this out! After researching what paper I wanted in my Leuchtturm1917 and the colour, checking sizes and holding my breath in anticipation as I purchased the new notebook, I’m happy to report it fits like a glove!

There is no overhang on any side and I can still fit in another fields note notebook. (although I don’t love them, I bought a ton of them and really need to think of a way to use them all up – I’ll probably just use them a scratch paper until I figure out a better use!)

Although I don’t know what I’ll use if for just yet, I’m so glad that I’ll get to carry this beauty around with me and use it for whatever next pings into my head. I might just make it my shopping list book or as a ‘dear diary’ style journal. Who knows! Thanks to Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, the possibilities are endless!

Here’s how wonderful the paper looks in this notebook. The lighting in this photo makes the paper look cream but it’s actually an off white colour – it’s definitely not as cream as the Moleskines’.

As part of my overall journey through planners, notebooks and the likes I’ve seen my fair share of Leuchtturm1917 notebook reviews. I’m trusting in the fact that this paper is great and very rarely has bleed through for the types of pens I use so really will fit my needs. (whenever I actually figure out what my needs are!)

Another great thing about the Leuchtturm1917 notebooks is that they come pre-numbered. Not only is this helpful for normal note taking, its perfect for bullet journaling!

Now, I don’t know for sure if this is the end of my traveller’s notebook escapade and I really don’t know how long I’ll stick with the A6 in the cover. But for my bank balances sake? I hope I love this idea and run with it!

See you next time!


*This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive some pocket money (at no cost to yourself) if you purchase something through the links provided. I only ever post a link to a product I use myself and would recommend!



  1. Yasmin

    I love this little collection. I’m waiting for my very first traveler’s notebook to arrive and I can’t wait to get started with it. I’ve even made my first insert today! I bought the foxy fix in regular size which I think is the same size as the midori, but I really want a personal size one too. After reading this post I now want a field notes size one! I hope you find a use for the Chic Sparrow that works for you! 🙂 I think these TN’s are so addictive!


    Liked by 1 person

    • steffflou

      Ah that’s so exciting and good for you for making your own inserts. I thought about it but it terrified me so I bailed and bought them instead! Yes I’ve heard and seen so much love for foxy fix too, and I think that’s right about the sizing.

      I think once you get bitten by the travellers notebook bug, it’s hard not to keep wanting more!

      Thanks for reading and I hope you love your notebook so much! 🙂


  2. Vajra

    I use the LT17 for a journal and I’m using a Moleskine “le Petit Prince” planner for my BuJo with a FN grid for collecdtions . These books are pocket size and fit perfectly in my Chic Sparrow deluxe creme brulee or my Speckled Fawns chunky. Love them both and love using these notebooks. I must say, had I not purchased the Moleskine in mid-Summer, I might have put everything in the LT17 but I decided to go a head and use it. In fact, I bought a Hobonichi Weeks to fit in my Pan Am TN in the New Year. Love that both the BuJo and TNs are so flexible.

    Liked by 1 person

    • steffflou

      Exactly! It’s great that you can add and take out whatever.. They are so flexible and that’s why I love both the travellers notebooks and bullet journals! Plus.. The travellers notebooks are just beautiful! 😌


  3. bibo_blue

    “…although she may not know me…” Oh she does – now. THANK YOU for this great post. And I am incredibly happy that I could inspire you. Hope this setup suits your needs and makes you as happy as I am about mine 😊 Hugs bibo_blue 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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