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Bullet Journal | How do I future plan?

One very common question I see regularly pop up on the bullet journal groups I’m a part of is, how do you plan for events in the future? I thought I’d share what I do! Now, I’ve never had a problem with this method, never forgotten an event but this is all down to how much you check, check, check your journal. I have a memory like a sieve. If I don’t have it written down a dozen times, then poof, it’s gone! That’s why I rely on using my phone and my bullet journal in conjunction with one another. If you’d like to see a blog dedicated to how I use my bullet journal with my phone, then let me know – I’d love to do one!

So, I pretty much stick to the original bullet journal method for future planning. (I’ve added the link to the original tutorial on this – just scroll down until you see the ‘future log’ section!) By splitting a double spread (straight after my index) into 6 sections, I name these sections the 6 months following the latest in my journal. As you can see from the picture below, my large journal started in July, so I started with July in my future log and then the following five months from this!

2015-10-05 20.04.02

I then add any events or appointments I get, through to this section. If there’s an event that requires a bit more information, such as flight times/dates, then I add these on with a post-it note (a very cute post-it note at that!). Then it’s there when I need to reference it or to add it to my spread. Anything that needs to be added to a month further than what I’ve allocated space for, also gets put on a post-it note and is pulled across as per when I need to!

2015-10-05 20.05.37

One thing worth noting is that I’ve allowed up to December in my large notebook and up to April in my smaller notebook. I very much doubt that I will still be using the smaller notebook in April as I think I’ll probably run out of room – of course this depends how many collections I make or how many pages I end up using for the monthly/weekly/daily pages – however, if I do run out of space, I’ll just carry over the future log into my new notebook and it’s all there! (If I’m telling the truth, I’m excited to start a new notebook, but I’ve got to resist the urge and finish this one!)

2015-10-05 20.19.54

Thanks and let me know what you’d like to see from my bullet journal!




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