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Bullet Journal | 5 of the Best Things about Bullet Journalling

I’ve been bullet journaling for a few months now. A few months may not seem like a long time, but the impact and change I’ve noticed from doing it for that period time is immense.

I regularly see people get upset or bothered that the methods not working for them, or that they can’t seem to figure out the best way to get it to work. However, one of the BEST things about the bullet journal is it’s flexibility! There are some die-hard fans who will never stray from the original, and there are some who love to embellish and bedazzle their journals – to me, whichever way you do it, if it works – then it works and theres no point being bothered by what everyone else is doing!

In this blog post I intend on telling you the5 top things about bullet journalling for me!

1 | You can use whatever notebook you wish to use!

Now, out of the hundreds and thousands of people using this methods, not all of them use the same notebook! There are of course the most popular ones like the Moleskine’s and the Leuchtturm1917’s then there are others who use a £1/$1 notebook they’ve found at their local store.

As long as it’s got everything you’re looking for in a notebook (spiral bound, stitch bound, grid paper or lined) then it’ll work. You just have to adapt your layouts and spreads to fit!

I personally use two Nuuna Notebooks. One is the large sized and this houses my work to-do lists, personal to-do lists, main collections and throw in collections. My small sized Nunna is my everyday carry and I have exactly the same information in this one except my work to-do list and the same collections – as to me there is no point repeating them unless you go to them regularly . The reason why I love these notebooks is because of their bright white paper, which I much prefer over the off-white and creams of the Moleskine’s and Leuchtturm1917’s. I also love the very faint dot grid styled paper, as it makes me feel like I’m nearly writing on blank paper, but I’ve still got the guidance there should I want it (which is all the time!).

Nuuna Notebooks - October 2015 | SoSteffSo

(p.s. if you’d like a notebook review then just pop a comment below and I’d love to do one!)

2 | Spelling mistakes and general “opps” situations are to be glorified!

I cannot stand mistakes. I am a perfectionist and I hate it! I would love to be able to use a nice dark gel pen on my notebook, but I’m petrified. For this reason I use pencil, and it honestly is okay! However the general consensus from the groups I’m a part of are that mistakes are okay!

If you smudge your ink, that adds some character! Split a whole cup of coffee over you bullet journal? Thats fine, it tells a story! Your kids get hold of your notebook and draw something which resembles scribbles, but they swear its a dragon and a princess having tea? That too is something very beautiful to keep as a memory. It’s all part of the joys and the flexibility of having a bullet journal.

Now, like I said, I write in pencil because I’m a freak.. but thats okay too! Embrace your quirkiness and display it all in your bullet journal – even if you journal will forever smell like Starbucks!

3 | There’s no right or wrong way to bullet journal!

We touched on this briefly, but there will always be someone who will tell you that they much prefer the original method and that the flexibility in-fact confuses them more! This is great, because it means they’ve figured out that they don’t need the complexity of multiple spreads and that they can get along and work in conjunction with a simple layout. On the other hand, others like myself, will want to add things which will benefit their lives or that will just make tasks slightly easier. And again, this is great too!

The point I’m trying to get too here is that all of these ways of working with the bullet journal, are all right. They may not stick to the original ‘rules’ of the bullet journal, but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It means you’ve developed it into your own system!

One way I break away from the traditional method is that I use two notebooks! I have a large and a small one, like I mentioned earlier. The whole purpose of the bullet journal is to condense your life and the amount of notebooks that you use! It just works (at the moment) in my life, to carry two. I’ve explained briefly in an older blog, which can be found here!

4 | The community!

I’m part of three groups which are dedicated to the bullet journal. One is a Facebook group who’s users mainly use the original method: The Original Bullet Journal. The second one is also on Facebook an is for those who love the bullet journal and wish to share what they’ve done or get inspiration for their layouts and spreads: Bullet Journal Junkies. Finally, the third group I’m part of is is a Google+ group, which again is for all bullet journal lovers: The Bullet Journal!

Bullet Journal Facebook Group | October 2015Between these three groups, the love and willingness to share and help others is overwhelming. I don’t think I’ve seen any posts on these groups go without a comment or a like or some kind of interaction from the others. These ladies and gentlemen will not only suggest a multitude of ways to get round the issue you’ve got with you index, but they’ll also tell you your journal looks great and they love the ideas you’ve used. I’ve mentioned that mistakes are often loved and this is where these groups shine! They’ll make you feel 100x better about something, and the best thing? These a pure strangers! The only thing that connects you is that they have exactly the same passion as you for the bullet journal but they are more than happy to try and comfort or make a situation seem better!

Google+ Bullet Journal Group | October 2015

A HUGE round of applause for all those wonderful people on all of these groups – you rock!

5 | It’s an ingenious method!

Enough said. It’s literally such a clever method to ensure you get your to-do’s done, and to make sure you’re not holding too much in your head, when you’ll be more likely to forget it! It sounds very silly to say this, but I say this very every ounce of honesty, this method is life changing in the way you deal with your tasks. I haven’t forgotten a task/appointment or a piece of information since I started this method, it’s just brilliance, whichever way you decide to put it into action!

Enjoy and see you soon!


*This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive some pocket money (at no cost to yourself) if you purchase something through the links provided. Rest assured that I only ever post a link to a product that I use myself and would happily recommend!



  1. vajra2

    Hey! I’m in the same BuJo groups as you! And I’m totally with you: it’s the flexibility that makes this method so useful. Since I’m a fairly recent member of the TN community, I use a variety of inserts: one is my Bujo, another Collections, and the third is for my journal. I have started some simple embellishment to my journal, mostly photos that I took on that particular day and bits of theater and opera programs. I admire the creativity I see in the groups and I’m pleased that one can admire without emulating it.


  2. Rosanna

    I’m so interested in the nuuna notebook. Please do a review. There isn’t much info on the Amazon website. Really keen for exact dimensions, no. of pages, if dot or grid, how faint lines are, what the cover is like (hardwearing), and what the weight is of the books, as im fussy about how much they weigh down my bag. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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