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Bullet Journal | Plan November with Me

I love planner videos. I love watching people flip through their planners and journals and travellers notebooks. I’m nosey, and I love it. I’m not brave enough to sit behind a camera and talk and physically show everything! Not only do I sound like a demented robot when recorded or on the phone (I have no idea why but I promise you, I really am normal!).. I just couldn’t NEVER imagine filming a video, it just seems so daunting. That is also why I have major kudos for those who do!

So, although I have no intentions of ever filming a video, I thought it might be cool to show you how I set up a month through a series of pictures. I know it’s not as fun as a video, but if you’re anything like me then you’ll just love a nosey into someone else’s planner setup!

Here it is, here is my November set up!

1 | Clean Spread & Monthly Overview

The first thing I do is flip to my next available double spread. I like to have a month across two pages that open together so that I can see both pages at the same time. Here is where I’ll set up my monthly overview – where I list the letter of the day and the dates down the edge of the page.

November Setup 1 Fresh Pages | November 2015

I’ll start by writing the month at the top of the page, and add my little lines at either side for ‘decoration’ (if you can call lines decoration!).

November Setup 2 Writing a Month | November 2015

I’ll then use my phone of my iPad to help me place the dates and days down the edge of the page. I give myself enough space for 2 lines of dot gird. This means I have a bit more flexibility to fit in all the events in one day over the entire month.

 November Setup 3 Writing a Month | November 2015

Once I’m done with that, I’ll use my iPad to add the important dates and appointments we have coming up. I’ve added some work annual leave I’ve got coming up, my partners birthday, payday etc.

November Setup 4 Adding November Events | November 2015

And here’s what the final month overview looks like. As I get more appointments or things come up, then they’ll be added to the overview. It’s very basic to start, but it soon get busy! I’m thinking of incorporating some colour into this and adding our ‘planner’ things like my partners football training.

I saw something from one of my favourite Instagrammer’s, fourdotspaper, where she’d used a little coloured dot to associate the activity to a person in her household – this is what I might implement into my planner. That way I still keep the simple look, but it adds a pop of colour and a bit more organisation in my life!

November Setup 5 Completed Adding November Events | November 2015

2 | Monthly Tasks Spread

So the next thing I set up is my monthly to do’s, dates to remember, my no-spend and also my budget tracker. This all follows directly on from the monthly overview as it keeps it all together at the start of the month.

November Setup 6 Setting up my Second Spread | November 2015

Again, with the no-spend, I’ll give myself enough room to be able to cross the days off and I’ll also set the dates up so that they look like a calendar with the days at the top. This way, I can see if I’m nearly through the month or if a particular week was more difficult to not have expenditure in.

November Setup 8 Finished Second Spread | November 2015

Here’s is all completed. I’m starting the debt snowball in the new year and need a better way to track that so this budgeting plan will soon go and be replaced with something else. I’m just in the process of trying to figure out how I want my debt snowball to look and quite how much information I want to write down.

Novmber Setup 9 Filled In Second Spread | November 2015

Here is my second spread all filled in with dates and my must do tasks for the month. The no-spend will obviously get ticked off as we go, and the budget section will also be filled in as per my expenses!

3 | Indexing

The final step to me setting up my month is to index it. I’ll add all of the page numbers to the bottom corner of the page, like the image below.

November Setup 10 Indexing | November 2015

Then I’ll pop back to my index (I’m on my third index in this notebook now!) and just refer to it as my November Monthly (Or Nov Monthly as it was too big to fit in!) and note the page numbers it started on, and then finished on!

November Setup 11 Index | November 2015

And that’s it. Then I’m all set up and raring to go for the month! What follows tends to be any collections I think of adding, (like my Christmas card list) and then my weekly and daily spreads. I sought a bit of advice (from the Facebook Bullet Journal Genies) on how best to set up my days as the current setup I had started to fail me the busier I got at work. I got some great advice and am going to trial a couple of the ideas this month – its nice when you draw a blank and people offer you immediate solutions to the problem!

I’ll see you next time!




  1. Hi Stephanie, thank you for sharing your monthly set up. Will you also share weekly and daily? I have been using BuJo since August 9 and am still tweaking my setups to see what works best. I like your non-video way of sharing. Appreciate your time to set it up. Barb

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    and I believe that your site is really appealing and has a lot of fantastic information.

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