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My Must Follow People on Instagram

When I first took a big scary step into the overwhelming world of planning, I looked everywhere for inspiration, advice, guidance and any sort of suggestions I could. I found that Instagram was one of the best sources for this information because there are so many creative people on there and with the simple use of a hashtag, I could find a whole bunch of beautiful pictures to guide me! I could spend hours just scrolling through Instagram looking at all the different pictures of beautiful handwriting, creative drawings and genius planner layouts – that is no word of a lie!

Because I’ve now spent so much time trawling Instagram for ideas and suggestions, I’ve managed to find some really great people to follow.. and because I think we’re all in the same boat when we start to decide which direction we want to take our planner journey (that boat being completely and utterly lost!), I wanted to share with you the people who I find most inspirational and those that gave me a clearer understanding of what I wanted from my planner. Not only do these people offer a great visual guide if your just starting, they also offer a really great place to stop off and lust and get more ideas as you and your planner needs grow!

So, we’ll keep this short and sweet text wise and add a whole bunch of pictures! Make sure go and check these wonderful people out! (just click on the image and you’ll be taken straight to their Instagram account!) – Also.. whilst you’re over there.. why not check out the SoSteffSo Instagram page!

In no particular order, here we go!

fourdotspaper Instagram | November 2015 scubs_n_coffee Instagram | November 2015 prettyprintsandpaper Instagram | November 2015 weekendwife Instagram | November 2015 faded_edges_ Instagram | November 2015 kristinatheengineer Instagram | November 2015 passionthemedlife Instagram | November 2015 soulfulwhimsy Instagram | November 2015 boho.berry Instagram | November 2015 tinyrayofsunshine Instagram | November 2015 thecursivbird Instagram | November 2015 eskastationary Instagram | November 2015 decadethirty Instagram | November 2015

I hope you enjoy this short and sweet post! Try not to spend too much time drooling over all the beautiful images you find on their Instagram feeds!

See you next time.




  1. Kim

    Thank you for the lovely mention! These are all great folks, I’m happy that the IG Bullet Journal community is growing so wonderfully with so many great people 🙂


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