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Bullet Journal | Collections 

I saw a post on Pretty Prints & Paper’s blog the other day where she showed off some of her beautiful collections. Now, I’m a very nosey person.. We’ve covered this before! So the opportunity to look through someone else’s collections excited me greatly, but I don’t think it’s very fair to enjoy it so much but to not share mine too! So that’s what this blogs all about, collections!

This kind of post is best left to the pictures, but I will add a little information on what each collection is about!


 1 | Holiday Packing List

We went on a mini break in the summer to visit Josh’s Grandad in Wales. This wasn’t too long after I’d started my bullet journal so I wanted to see if writing everything down would really help me to remember everything I needed too – and honestly? It did! I mean sure, I wouldn’t have forgotten to pack pants if I hadn’t made a list, but the smaller things like my camera and chargers I’d have been scattering around for at the last minute!

2 | Car Repair Quotes

We had a ‘dilemma’ with our car not long after we’d bought it so it became priority to get everything sorted on it ASAP. I knew that we’d want to call around various garages to get quotes on the work and thought where better to keep all the information, than in my bullet journal.

This was extremely helpful in the end as Josh had called half of these and I’d called the other half so we ended up confused about who had called whom and what price they’d quoted! All we had to do was dig out this page and there it all was!

3 | Birthday Gift Lists 


We have a fair few birthdays and anniversaries to buy presents for throughout the year and particularly over a short period in the summer. I needed to have a clear list where I could add any present ideas, but also where I could tick off what I’d ordered and when it had arrived.

It’s also a nice memory to look back on and see what we did buy people for their special days!

4 | Books to Read

This collection is definitely a work in progress! I don’t read nearly as much as I should do now that I’m out of University so I started to compile a list of books that I really wanted to read and that I knew I’d manage to finish if I had the willpower to actually start reading them!

5 | Master Shopping List

This is our master shopping list. Josh doesn’t really do the shopping that often, but when he does, he’s not 100% sure on what the staple items are. I made this list so that if I’m ever too busy or can’t do the shopping, Josh has something to go back to and can see we need to buy.

It’s also helpful for me to glance over when I’m writing up the shopping list to see if we need to replenish any of these basics.

6 | Thankful For

Very self explanatory! This is my thankful for section, and as you’ll note, these sections are the only pages with the colour! I just spend a few minutes at the end of a month going through these little sections and thinking of the things I’m thankful for. I then jot these down and keep them as a nice memory of what was accomplished this month and also as a nice way to reflect on the month and to make sure I’m being truly grateful for everything I have!

7 | Work Holiday Requests

I like to be organised (well duh!) and I like to keep ahead. Josh and I have booked a couple of holidays next year and I wanted to get my annual leave booked and approved ASAP. I kept this all written down so that I know exactly what days I’ve got off when it comes round to that time but also because Josh can’t book his annual leave until early next year and by me writing it all down, I can send him a screenshot and he can go ahead and book his without having to check with me first! Thats efficiency!


8 | Upcoming Spends 

We’re starting the debt snowball method in the new year, so we’re trying to keep a close eye on any expenditure due to come out that we can try and plan for. We just sat down and worked out when the big money months were going to be and wrote down rough costs so we wouldn’t be surprised when they did finally arrive!

It’s reassuring knowing we already now when these things are due and thanks to our debt snowball plan, we know how we’re going to pay for them! Wahoo – relief!

9 | Skincare Routine

I started to get some really bad skin breakouts around the middle of this year(shoutout to the air conditioning at work and the car heater – been ruining my face since 2015!). I needed to work out what was going to help my skin and what was aggravating it and was getting lost in the sea of facial products in my bathroom and bedroom. After finally figuring out a solution for me, I wrote it down so I knew exactly what products my skin appreciated me using and when I needed to use them.

Although I now know this off by heart, I do know that I can flick back to this when I run out of products or if I’m starting to slip out of my routine to check I’m doing everything I need to!

10 | Alphabet Dating

Finally, a love filled collection! Myself and Josh are very happily engaged after having been together for 5 years in February (we’ve no immediate plans to get married – damn debts and damn house savings first!).. I love my dude very much but we’re the kind of people who would just stay at home all the time if we weren’t forced to be sociable people!

As much as we do love to spend time together at home, and I wouldn’t change the moments we do for the world, it’s nice to go out and do stuff to! So when I discovered alphabet dating, we immediately started planning our dates!

Not only do we really have to put thought into our dates, we literally have 26 dates to look forward to! It’s nice to be able to write these things down and write the dates they happened so when I flick through this bullet journal in 20 years time, I’ll be able to go.. “Oh Josh, remember that time we went air-hoping!”

This is most certainly one of those things you could journal about and add beautiful images and sketches too, but as I’m not much of a drawer and don’t want to over stuff poor Nuuna with pictures (she’s big enough as it is!), I’m more than happy to just jot the dates down and I’ll be able to look back at the photos we’ve got saved when I’m old!

So there we go, that’s a glance at some of my collections! Keep your eyes peeled as I’m going to do a Christmas dedicated blog soon (at the recommendation of Kim from TinyRayOfSunshine), and they’ll be a peek at more of my collections there too!

I hope you enjoyed this and as always, I’ll see you soon!




  1. Nancy Towne

    I really love your ideas! Especially your alphabet dating page. I want to make something similar to jog my memory with activities to do personally/socially. Oftentimes I find myself bored but can’t think of something new and different to do. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    • steffflou

      No problem! I’m glad it offered some inspiration! It’s nice to have something to remind you to be sociable.. And it’s such a cute idea that I couldn’t resist! 😌


  2. Debi

    Thank you so much for sharing and yes … for inspiring too! : ) Your journal looks so neat! Any I do purposefully are done neat but in my regular notebook that I put reminders in and such, I tend to scribble any which way in it … it starts off neat but doesn’t take long to look messy, messy … messy. lol

    Liked by 1 person

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