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Bullet Journal | Christmas Collections

The wonderful Kim from Tiny Ray of Sunshine mentioned me and a few other bloggers in a post on Instagram – she suggested that we all share our Christmas collections and what we use our planners for at this time of year! Now, I know I’ve only just posted a blog on my collections, but this is all about the holiday season and has a sneak peak into some new collections I’ve made to help me become more organised!

Don’t get your hopes up, there are only 4 collections (that’s all I needed), but hopefully they’ll be insightful or helpful in some way!

Just as a catch up for those who are new to the blog – I use a large Nuuna Notebook (available from and I love these notebooks so much, the dot grids are just faint enough that it feels like I’m writing on blank paper, but they’re still obvious enough to offer some guidance. The covers are just brilliant and the actual paper quality is top too! I also use pencil as I’m a big baby when it comes to making what I write permanent and I have the best accessory ever – a papelote pen holder! It can hold up to 5 pens and pencils, comes in a large variety of colours and is available in A5 and A4 sizing. They’re just amazing (and also the perfect solution to this notebook not having an elastic closure!)

Nuuna Notebook Front Cover - November 2015

Anyway, moving on! Here we go, here are my Christmas collections in all their glory!

1 | Christmas Gift List

So this is a fairly obvious, and I’d assume common, collection. I write down all the guys and gals Josh and I have to buy presents for. I then add gift ideas to them with a dot next to them. If and when we buy it, it gets an ‘X’ through the dot. This was I can easily see the gifts that have been bought and which ones haven’t!

It’s also a nice way to see how many presents we’ve bought and when we need to stop or slow down – it’s okay to go a little crazy on presents for our 3 year old nephew (we don’t have kids yet!) but everyone else would tell us off if we bought too many!

Christmas Gift List - November 2015


My Christmas gift list goes across two pages as we’ve got a fairly big immediate family that we buy presents for. Yes – there is a section for gifts for animals. Yes – that is as crazy as it sounds. We’re a family of animal lovers so why not get the pets something special too! (I honestly do realise how mental this is!

Christmas Gift List Continued - November 2015

2 | Christmas Cards

Again we’ve got quite a few people who we write cards for. Some of these people (marked personal) will get a special Christmas card like a mother, father, sister named one; the others will get a card from our box of cards we get each year.

Christmas Cards - November 2015

If the people are part of a couple or a family then they’re all on one line and each has a dot next to them. This is again, so I can see who has and hasn’t been bought or written a card! It’s all about seeing what has and hasn’t been done and there really isn’t a better way to show this than using my standard bullet journal method!

3 | Christmas Day Plan

My final Christmas collection is the actual plan of attack for the day! As I’ve said, we’ve got quite a few people in our immediate family who we’d see on Christmas day so this visual plan is helpful to see if we’re making sure we’ve got the best setup!

Christmas Day Plan - November 2015

As our nephew is only three, and really the only person who enjoys the proper mystery of Christmas, we always like to go and stay with that side of our family on Christmas Eve and wake up with him and them on Christmas Day.

We’ll then spend the day with them and have Christmas dinner (yes! so excited!). This is cooked by my Mum and Dad normally so I don’t need to worry about a plan for the kitchen or when things need to be in the oven  – I do want to start spending time with my Mum in the kitchen at Christmas this year so I can really pick up some hints and tips from her for when it’s my turn!

We’ll head back to ours Christmas Day and spend the night in our bed, but then head off to see Josh’s Dad’s side of the family and his sister on Boxing Day (and the dog!).

Our Christmas Holiday’s are normally all over the place, so this is pretty standard for us – it’s just helpful to see where we are when.

4 | Gift Wrap Planning

I’ve not got a photo for this one as this hasn’t started yet! The final part of my Christmas collections or planning will be to set time aside to start wrapping all the presents, bagging them up, and then delivering them!

When I do come to add this into my planning schedule, all I’ll do is pop a task in my personal to-do list and then keep repeating it on days I have spare time to make sure I’m all done in time for Christmas Eve when we’ll be driving around!

So thats it, thats my 4 must-have collections and planning help for the holiday season! Do let me know what other collections you have to help you survive the holidays! Besides, who knows – although I say I’m organised, I may have forgotten something hugely important that you guys can remind me of!

I’ll probably be doing another couple of blogs before Christmas, but considering we’re talking about it, I hope you all have a beautiful love filled Christmas!

See you soon!




  1. Kim

    This is awesome! These are some great collection ideas 🙂 Happy you shared this, I’m sure many will find it helpful!


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