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Bullet Journal | Bullet Journal Resources

The blog title pretty much explains what this blog is about! Here we have some of my favourite bullet journal resources – enjoy!

Blogs & Sites

The Original Bullet Journal Site

This is a great starting point and is where I focused a lot of my time when I was fully learning the basics of how and why the system works.

Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Kim from Tiny Ray of Sunshine is a blessing in disguise! She’s FULL of useful ideas, hints and tips and always has some really insightful bullet journal blogs! Her most recent blog is perfect for anyone just starting out with the method, it’s also great to recenter yourself when you’re not sure what you’re needing from your blog – it just reexplains it’s purpose! Not only does Kim have a kick arse blog, she also has an Instagram account! It’s littered with images of her bullet journal and her very glamours handwriting and as a bonus, Kim has a highly impressive fountain pen collection for you to lust over!

Decade Thirty

The truly wonderful Dee from Decade Thirty has a blog (nicely refreshed too!) where she shares her take on the bullet journal. Dee has made her own notebook which suits her requirements and needs in life and every now and again she gives a look back at her week and how she plans. Now I must warn you, her handwriting will make you incredibly envious and although she has a great blog on how to improve your everyday handwriting, you’ll forever be jealous!

Passion Themed Life

Kacheri has a writing style which makes reading her blogs so easy! They’re  which is why I highly recommend you take a visit to her site, Passion Themed Life. There are also a ton more of blogs about bullet journaling in her archive, with some notebook reviews and her top do’s and don’ts – it’s an amazing source of inspiration and advice!


The Lazy Genius Collective

Kendra over at The Lazy Genius Collective wrote up the ultimate how to on bullet journaling. Her blog runs you through the simple and non-fussy method which shows you that you don’t have to make your journals fancy and full of stickers if that style doesn’t suit!

YouTube Videos

Boho Berry 

Gretchen Hope

Meg Thomson



Seaweed Kisses


So this first one isn’t an Instagmramer but a hashtag! The #bulletjournal is just a truck full of love and joy! I have no doubt that if you spend 5 minutes there, you’ll find loads of things you want to try.

As for the following Instagrammers, I’m going to let you click on the links and let their photos do the talking!

Tiny Ray of Sunshine

Kristina The Engineer

Weekend Wife

Decade Thirty

Pretty Prints and Paper

Four Dots Paper

Seaweed Kisses

The Iron Pen

Planner By Nature

Planner Simplicity

I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet blog and please go show these fellow bullet journal fanatics some love!

See you next time!




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