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Travelers Notebook | Holiday Journaling

Myself and Josh are going to Budapest at the end of this month as our Anniversary present to ourselves – I’m just too excited!

Whilst we’re away I wanted to do a bit of journaling and keep a memory of the holiday. Whilst I normally do collect little bits a bobs from holidays or big events, I never do anything with them when we’re back so they just get put into a draw which is such a shame! With journaling, I have a safe place to put them and they make for a great story in the future!

My aim for this holiday is to not take too much as we’re only away for 3 nights/4 days. I’m taking my fancy camera with me so I can get some good shots, but apart from that, I want to keep the rest as light weight as possible. Keep reading to see what I’m taking with me for our trip away! As an FYI, most (if not all) of the items I mention are linked at the bottom of this post!

Notebooks & Folders

My birthday falls the day before we fly out to Budapest and on my birthday wish list was a Midori Travellers Notebook in Passport size. Now, I’m pretty sure I’ll receive one as my other half is pretty good at presents so I just decided to buy a couple of inserts so that I could take it away with me!

I went for a blank notebook and a grid notebook, both by Midori. I also got a few notebooks from one of my favourite Etsy sellers, Travelers Times. The paper in Keeley’s handmade notebooks is just amazing! It’s really thick and is nice and buttery in texture. I wanted to take one of these with me in a blank style as I don’t know how well the Midori brand notebooks will stand up against my heavy writing!

I’ve also got a Midori brand plastic pocket to take too. I like the idea of keeping our EHIC cards in there and also gives me a place to safely store smaller trinkets!

Notebooks Holiday Journaling | February 2016

Polaroid Printer

This is a very new purchase for me, and I love it! This beauty, as many of you will know, is a pocket printer. It is really dainty in size and prints these perfect 2″ by 3″ photos. The printer itself is really light and because of it’s size makes it a no brainer to take with us!

Now, the only problem with this printer is that it uses Bluetooth to connect to a phone or tablet. That’s not an issue if I take photos on my phone, however if I want to print on of the photos from my camera, I have to set up the WiFi link between my phone and my camera, send them through to my phone and then send them to the printer from there. It’s a long winded way of doing it, but the size these photos will come out just make them the best fit for my passport sized journaling!

Printer & Images Holiday Journaling | February 2016

Bits & Bobs

These other bits and bobs are just to add in to split up the images and my journaling. I’ve got some 3″ by 4″ Project Life cards which have the perfect colours or quotes on them for holiday times! I’ve then got some full sized Project Life cards which I could cut to size to use as background for images or for the bits and pieces I collect on the way. Again, I’m not taking too many of these as it is only a 4 day holiday and worst comes to worst, I’ll finish of the journaling when I get home!

I’ve also got a couple of kraft coloured pieces of card. These work really nicely with the blue, grey and green colour scheme I’ve got going on and would also just be nice to add a different colour too! I’ve added some labels to two of the kraft card pieces so that I can add tid-bits of information to them and they’ve already been title up but as for the rest, I’ve left them plain so I can go with whatever I decide when I’m there!

Finally, I’ve got a black string and washer envelope to store the bigger things I collect that won’t go into the journal. This envelope is also prefect to store the project life cards whilst I’m not using them!

Project Life Cards Holiday Journaling | February 2016

Date Stamp & Ink

Finally, this is another new one for me! I’ve bought a mini ink pad and a date stamp! These are nice and compact and allow me to stamp the dates on new pages each time I journal! I wouldn’t have taken these had they been any bigger, but I’d like to have the choice of either doodling my dates in, or stamping them!

Stamp & Stamper Holiday Journaling | February 2016

Any that’s it! I’ll be sure to show you all a post-holiday flick through of my journal so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, see you soon!



Items Mentioned:

Midori Passport Blank Notebook – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Midori Passport Grid Notebook – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Blank Notebooks – Travelers Times

Midori Passport Plastic Folder – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Polaroid Zip Printer – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Project Life Cards – September Skies Set – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Fine& Dandy Set – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Dymo Label Printer – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Black Sting & Washer Envelope – Simply Envelopes

Dew Drop Tuxedo Black Ink – Amazon UK & Amazon US

October Afternoon Decade Stamp – Amazon UK & Amazon US


*This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive some pocket money (at no cost to yourself) if you purchase something through the links provided. I only ever post a link to a product I use myself and would recommend!


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