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22 Things I’ve Learnt in 22 Years | Stationery Edition

I turn the ripe old age of 22 (ha!) on the 23rd of February and I thought I’d share with you 22 of the stationary related things I’ve learnt in my 22 years!

1) That not only are there ballpoint pens, but there are rollerball pens and fountain pens and hybrid pens, but among all of that, pencil still shines bright!

2) Ryder Carroll is a genius. Enough said.

3) That wether it’s pronounced Mole-skeene or Mole-skin or something along them lines, it’s one of the most well known notebook brands you’ll ever hear of!

4) If a blank notebook and a grid notebook had a baby, it would be dot grid. And dot grid really is the best of both worlds.

5) Brown leather Filofaxes are just insanely beautiful. You can NEVER own too many.

6) Stickers and Washi are cute but it’s a slippery slope to becoming a fully fledged addict!

7) Bullet Journaling needn’t be expensive. Any notebook will do!

8) A draw full of unused notebooks isn’t too crazy, but a draw, a box under the bed and a shelf on a unit is.

9) Don’t be afraid of journaling, it’s fun and you’ll thank yourself for the memories later!

10) Alongside all those bigger notebook brands, is a smaller brand called Nuuna who create the best notebooks you’ll ever use. Forever a Nuuna girl.

11) Traveler’s Notebooks are one of the smartest ideas that will ever enter the stationary world.

12) It’s okay that your ‘me-time’ consists of planning everyone else time!

13) You don’t need to buy all the different types of inserts to make a Filofax useable. Plain grid paper and some basic stickers are the perfect combination.

14) Not being able to write straight on blank paper is fine. Use a template behind the sheet and no-one will ever know!

15) Along with Moleskine, Leuchtturm (silly names!), is one of the best notebook brand out there.

16) Fountain pens are the only tool you’ll use that’ll make you feel as sophisticated as an aristocrat.

17) Liquids of all kinds are not forgiving to leather, nor paper goods. Keep it well awaaaay!

18) Fineliners of all kinds are your friend. Yeah, they bleed a little, but they have so many colours and they write so nicely!

19) The planning community as a whole are supportive and kind and don’t care about that time you spelt Friday wrong!

20) Dreaming of the best solution to a planning problem is not as crazy as it seems. It happens to us all!

21) The smell and feel of leather in any format is lush. It’s even better if it comes wrapped around anything planning related. Traveler’s Notebook’s and Filofaxes, I’m looking at you!

22) That no matter how you do it, planning is the most effective and calming way to help me run my life.

And thats that, I hope you enjoyed this fun little blog!

See you soon!




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