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Filofax | Filofax Malden (Personal) Setup

Warning! This is a VERY image heavy blog post. Lots of images to make you lust over the Filofax Malden, lots of images to get your creative juices flowing and lots of sneaky peeking into my setup!

So, some context. For an early birthday present, I treat myself to this Filofax Malden in Personal size. If I’m honest, I was a bit worried about making the size work for me and I was also dubious about how much I’d love a Filofax as an EDC. Well let me tell you, I am happily in love. The size works well for me as it means I don’t have to worry about huge white spaces on dauntingly large A5 pages. It’s also the perfect size to carry around as it’s small enough to fit in my bag but it’s big enough that I can write decent amounts on the paper.

The Filofax itself is made from a really soft leather. I am in constant worry that I will damage it in some way, but so far, it’s been okay and not scuffed up or scratched in any noticeable way. I must admit, I’m still way to worried to take the leather protector by the rings off as I don’t want ring indents just yet… one step at a time, hey!

I have six tabs/dividers in my Filofax (I’ll explain what they are as we go through the images!). I have the 1-6 Black Filofax brand dividers as well as some plain kraft ones behind each of the six. I wanted to stick little labels on the dividers but didn’t want to ruin the black ones so I just added the kraft ones!

As for inserts, they are all made by me, bar one set in my notes section. They are all gridded index cards cut down to size. Their thickness means I can’t keep a whole ton of paper in here, but generally speaking, I don’t need it! I do also have a credit card Filofax insert in the back and several top loading envelopes but the actual insets themselves are all DIY.

So. Now you’ve got some context and a bit of information of what’s to come, lets go for it. Now is the time to stop, get a cup of tea and settle down somewhere warm and cosy. Go, go on! Tea time! You back? Right. Let’s crack on – enjoy!


First things first when you open my Malden, to the left there is my small Rhodia birthday/address book, some stamps and some small note cards and then to the right I have my running list.

My birthday and address book is just a handwritten log of the birthday’s coming up in each month and some of the more important family addresses we’d need for birthday cards of presents. I keep this here so that I have a quick reference tool and just to act as a general FYI. The stamps go with this and are pretty self explanatory!

Next up are the small note cards. I use these for working our money/budget and also for writing appointments or notes that will be added to my GTD area (you’ll see this at the end!). I keep them at the front as this way they are easily accessible. They’re also the perfect size to fit into the card slots!

Finally, my running list. I got this idea from Dee over at Decade Thirty. Dee uses a run sheet for her tasks and builds this up over time. I’ve always got 101 things to be remembering or doing so by having this at the front of my Malden means I have an easily accessible place to jot these tasks down.

Tab 1 | Lists

The first tab and section in my Malden is my lists section. Here’s the example of the black divider and then the kraft card behind it with the label. I quite like it!

The first list and probably my most referred to is my career and life list. Here I just jot down ideas and tasks I need to complete in order to progress certain aspects of my life. One of the tasks was to learn coding. Because there are various types of code to learn, I added a little card to tick off the types I learn as I learn them!

Next up is my treat yourself list. This is different to my to buy list as it’s normally things that are more of a luxury item that I certainly don’t need, I just want. I’ll flick to this list when people ask for present ideas for me, or when I have saved money to put towards one of these things.

This is the to buy list which is the things we really need to get around to buying. Its not a grocery list as we do these separately, it’s just for non-food items we need to get e.g. Redex Fuel Cleaner for our car or a car air freshener.

 Next up in my list category is my gift ideas. Here I’ve used some kraft circle stickers, cut them in half and put names of people we regularly buy gifts for. I haven’t got round to filling in the rest, but I’ll add their hobbies or interests or things they like so we have a reference for when we need to get them something!

I then have a page of Malden ideas. These are things that I want to add to my Malden at some point. I’ll either look into them further and see if it’s worth adding, or I’ll just go for it and tick it off!


The final list I have in my first section is my bullet journal ideas. I have  a few ideas of collections or spreads that I’d like to add into my bullet journal. They’re not repeated from the Malden list and they’re things that I won’t mind re-writing as I switch out my notebook when I finish it.

Tab 2 | Projects

The second tab houses my projects. Now, I don’t have many, in fact, I have one but I like to have the tab just incase something bigger comes up, like re-setting up a complete bullet journal or designing something.

This is my one and only  project at the moment, lettering. I want to really work on this and dedicate some time to it, so it’s become a project! I haven’t spent the time listing some tasks related to this yet, but I have some lettering practice punched in for inspiration!

Tab 3 | Blog

This section is for my blog! I plan to add some more bits to this section in the coming months (see my Malden ideas above!), but for now this is just the bones of my blog section.

As I want to learn to code, I thought what better way to practice than to code myself my own site! I know it’ll be time consuming but it’s the most effective way to learn – by doing! As I want to completely design it from scratch, I’ve started planning out bits for the design like the style I want to go for and also a colour palette I’d like to use. It’s starting small, but its starting somewhere!

Housed in the blog section is my blog ideas, shh don’t tell anyone what you see!

Tab 4 | Notes 

This one’s pretty obvious!

I have some smaller blank punched and cut sheets for lists that need moving around my Filofax, like groceries. I then have a Paperchase To Do List Notepad which was a perfect fit and I simply punched and then finally I have some thin kraft paper for rough notes.

Tab 5 | Monthly

This section hosts everything related to my routines or my GTD method. You may remember a previous blog where I set up my GTD method in my A5 Filofax (you can find that here), well I kinda’ downsized!


I have a weekly template which shows me all the things I need o make sure I complete every week – this idea was borrowed from the wonderful Rachel Dunaway on YouTube. They don’t need to be completed on that day exactly, but that’s just a good time to get them done.


Following on from my weekly I have a monthly and yearly list. These include things like haircuts, opticians, toothbrush head changes, MOTs. It’s just a good overview for my money outgoings and just general activities for the year.


Before my monthly sections, I have a place for coupons and money off codes. This way, I have to keep seeing them and then it reminds me to use them!

So after the coupons, I have my months. I have the month were in first, then the following months after. As we finish a month, it gets moved to the back of the pile.


Behind each monthly divider is a top opening envelope. This is where my GTD system lives. If you’re not familiar with how this works, it’s basically a way to make sure you don’t miss anything.

E.g. say I get a letter telling me our car insurance is due for renewal in April. I don’t want to loose this piece of paper as I need it for the renewal, but it’s way too soon to be organising this. What I do is store this is my April top opening envelope. So when April comes around, I’ll look through the envelope to see what’s due or whats coming up, and bam! There is my friendly reminder to re-insure the car!

In this months top opening envelope I have a reminder for a dental appointment and also a  reminder to buy breakdown cover over a top cash-back site! (Frugal and all that!)

Tab 6 | Snowball


As some of you may be aware, we’re trying to pay down our debts with the snowball method. It’s working for us at the moment and I’m liking the structure layout of payments so I want to keep our payment plan to hand, along with our savings debit cards. This is all kept in this section – I have a list of payments to be made, savings in-goings and out-goings and then a three credit card holder for our cards. Nice and concise!


Finally, in the very back I have a couple of thick black card page lifters to make sure my pages don’t curl – because I’ve stuffed this planner so much, there is a real possibility of this! I then have a few list sheets in the back pocket just incase I need a few more note pages (as if I don’t have enough!).

Items Mentioned

Filofax Malden (Personal) – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Dymo Label Printer – Amazon UK & Amazon US

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! If you’d like to know more about a certain page or section then just let me know in the comments below!

See you next time!


*This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive some pocket money (at no cost to yourself) if you purchase something through the links provided. I only ever post a link to a product I use myself and would recommend!



    • steffflou

      It’s from Amazon, they’re actually A5 gird index cards cut to personal size! 😊


  1. Sunshine

    Thank you for sharing this! I too love a Malden and a Lockwood as well as an Original. The Malden and Lockwood are so lovely that I cannot decide which I prefer. I had the Malden for a couple years and only recently added the Lockwood which may be turning into my favorite. The Malden is just so ruggedly lovely, and the Lockwood somewhat more refined perhaps.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sosteffso

      I love my Malden so so much! It’s one of those softer leathers you can’t help but hold! As for my Lockwood, I do love the leather but I feel like it’s a bit more forgiving than the Malden as its tougher! I just love Filofaxes though.. Ha! 😊


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