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Bullet Journal | Bullet Journal & Work Organisation

I’ve been using the bullet journal method for close to a year now and it really has helped me to prioritise my work. It gives me a better overlook at my days/weeks/months and also allows to be feel more accountable for what I am or am not doing and this is particularly true for work and my bullet journal!

I’m a one notebook kinda’ girl (one notebook + one filofax + one midori = not a one notebook kinda’ girl!), and my Nuuna Notebook houses both my personal and work tasks. Even though I’m a big believer in not bringing your work home, I just find it easier to keep everything together in the one notebook.

I’ve previously shown how I include work within my bullet journal, but this blog is slightly different. I will recap some of the collections, but this is more of a general work organisation and planning blog.

Please excuse the limited photos of my actual workplace. I want to keep privacy for both myself and my work and the people I work with so it makes it very difficult to get photos that won’t compromise any of that. On the flip side, that just leaves more room for photos from my bullet journal!

Let’s get started shall we?

Nuuna Notebook

Future Log 

In my Nuuna Notebook, I house most of the information and lists to do with work. At the very front, right after my personal future log is my work one. As we have events and training, I wanted to keep them separate from my personal events and appointments as it allows me to clearly see what we have coming up without having to sift through my doctors appointments or haircut dates.

1 Futre Log Work | March 2016

Monthly Spread

Obviously, this is at the beginning of every monthly spread I do. I mix both personal and work in this as it’s just easier to comprehend the month this way. Luckily, I rarely have a lot that really needs scheduling in, so like this month, it looks pretty blank. I promise, I am busy at work! (ha!)

2 Monthly | March 2016

Monthly To-Do

Next up is my month to-do list. This is my game changer. I allow a double page spread and just right down tasks and jobs which must be completed that month. It’s kind of like my monthly brain sweep spread, but just for work. It’s nice to see all my tasks in a big overview and whats a bonus is that seeing all the ones that are crossed off gives me a great sense of accomplishment. It also gives me a lot of accountability too, but thats good as it means I’m checking up on myself and making sure I’m earning my money!

3 Work Month To-Do | MArch 2016

Daily Pages

Finally are my daily pages. I’ve explained my set-up 101 times, but just for those who don’t know.. I split my page in half, top half for personal tasks, bottom half for work. This set-up gives me plenty of flexibility and has been the way I’ve rocked bullet journaling since I started, so just seems to have stuck!

On my daily pages, I’ll just list everything to get done that day with a ‘.’. If it’s urgent, it gets a ‘!’ next to it, if its completed it gets ‘x’ and if it’s not been done and needs to be migrated, then the dot becomes a ‘>’. This migration method does mean I have to rewrite a lot of tasks (only if I’m a bum and don’t complete them!) but it’s a surefire way of reminding me that this will be the 3rd time I’ve migrated this task now and I need to get my rear into gear!

Cheap Notepad

When I’m at work I don’t make notes in my Nuuna Notebook – it’s too expensive to use for such a purpose. I just use the office supplied, spiral-bound notebooks as they’re easy to tear bits out of and they’re expendable!

Having said that, I do have a bit of a routine with how I use these notebooks too.. come on, I am an organised person! WARNING, this is in no way my ‘neat’ writing so your eyes might just be offended!

8 Notebook 1 | March 2016

I start with the date at the top in a noticeable colour. I then bullet (in my scruffiest handwriting) all the tasks I have to get done. About halfway down the page, I’ll add another header, this time for notes. Anything like phone call notes or passing conversation notes, get thrown down here. I don’t pre write the dates like I do in my Nuuna Notebook, so I can go into any meetings, write a title for the meeting, and start taking notes. Same goes for project notes too. When the tasks are completed I cross them off just like my Nuuna Notebook and when they need moving, then get the ‘>’ symbol. It’s a very simple and very messy bullet journal!

There is method in the madness and it just works. I know it may seem like I double write my tasks, but I only do it on the cheap notebooks so that I can see an overview of tasks without having the page of my Nuuna Notebook open with all my personal tasks for the world to see too. It also means, I have a scrappy notebook readily available.


I have a pen pot. It’s FILLED to the brim with pens! A majority of the pens are promotional freebies which we get from brand partners , but there are a couple of my own pens which I bring for the sake of having a nicer pen to write with! I by no means use all of these in a day, but I like to have options and with the amount I bring, I have plenty!

Bic Biro Pens (Black & Red)

Stabilo Com4 Ball Rollerball Pens (Blue, Red, Black and Green)

Stabilo EASYball Rollerball Pens (Red, Green and Blue)

Uni-Ball Eye Micro Ink Pen (Black)

I also have some office supplied document trays. They are the most hideous colours your eyes would ever be subjected to seeing. I try not to look at them too much, but seriously.. such an eye sore! The only reason they’re still on my desk is purely because they have a use! I keep all my clutter organised in these trays.

The top tray is for my next action list. This is the stuff I need to work on  next, it’s my priority. The middle tray is for documents I reference frequently like brochures and training manuals and the last tray is for more archival stuff that needs filing at some point in the near future or post it pads.

And that’s about it. I told you, there is method behind the madness, but it’s still madness!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and as always, I’ll see you next time!



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  1. It’s always interesting to see how others combine work and home in their bullet journals. I like to put my work and home bits side by side with a vertical dividing line, I don’t use so many pages that way.

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