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Review | Wick & Hide Nuuna Notebook Leather Cover

Wick & Hide.. What can I say that is a adequate enough to explain their exceptional service, high quality goods and the general happiness I get from this leather cover? I’ll try, but brace yourself, it’s a long old post!


Let’s go back to the beginning!

I’m a fan of traveler’s notebooks! I think they’re the perfect way to a store multiple notebooks, keeping them all together in one stylish jacket. Having said that… I’m also a fan of the Nuuna notebook brand and have never been able to tear myself away from their notebooks. I tried to make a hybrid of the two and came up with the genius idea to have a cover for my Nuuna – that way I would get the style of the cover but the paper quality and notebooks that I loved.

However my idea quickly fizzled out as the Nuuna notebook is really an awkward size. It’s bigger than A5 and fairly chunky so it doesn’t quite fit into an A5 or wide A5 leather notebook cover (trust me.. I’ve tried!)!

That is until I saw Wick & Hide’s post on the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group. If I remember rightly, the post was just showcasing some of their regular and A6 size notebook covers (yes they do them too!) but I was intrigued about if they offered custom orders, so insent them a little Etsy message!

Within minutes I had a prompt and friendly reply from the wonderful Reece. Reece asked a few questions, gathered some information and within the space of a day I had a quote for my custom cover. Reece took everything I asked and said into consideration, suggested solutions to issues I never even thought about and when it came down to the notebook, they offered options!

In the end, I decided to go for an espresso cover with yellow elastics. Reece voiced some concern for having the elastics run vertically so under his professional advice, we went horizontal and although I had concerns of the leather pinching, all worries were addressed and solved with ease.

When it came to the notebook, Reece suggested a couple of things. Either I could supply a notebook from my own collection or they could buy one and just include it in the cost. I don’t need asking twice about getting another Nuuna notebook, so I happily agreed to pay for the addition of the insert.

Now side step with me one moment.. When I originally sent my custom order request, I sent them a link to the notebook on a stationery site (not gunna’ say who because I don’t want you to be deterred from visiting their amazing site!)! As you may know, Nuuna notebooks can be pretty pricey, and this website was no exception – that’s why I usually buy my Nuuna notebooks through Amazon! They’re about £10 cheaper which makes a fair difference when you burn through them like I do! Anywho.. When Reece offered me the choices of buying the cover with or without the insert, they gave me a cost for both. The cost of the insert was based of the price from the shop that I’d originally sent them too. I’m a frugal gal’ and if I can save a dime or two, I will so I was (cringingly) bold enough to ask them if they would consider buying the notebook from Amazon where it was cheaper so that I could keep my own costs down! I know I know.. How embarrassing right?! Little did I have to worry about though as Reece got back to me with an honest and kind answer – saying yes to the cheaper alternative! Without making me feel like a cheap’o (which I am)

I honestly can’t you how much of a pleasure it was to deal with the team at Wick & Hide. It might seem really cheesy to boast about a company who undertook some paid work for you, but I can hand on heart say that the customer service I revived from start to finish was beyond exceptional and they quite simply deserve the praise!

Back to the story! Once I’d paid my invoice, Reece ordered the leather and notebook and when they arrived, he got to work. He was kind enough to send me photos of the process and gave me a sneak peek at my new journal! It makes me smile that he took extra time to take a photo and send it to me so I knew what was going on and what it looked like.

The whole process took about 10 days – that’s from quote, to having it in my hands. I’m impatient, but 10 days is fast work for a custom price which was ordered especially for me!

I just think it looks amazing.. Don’t you?

Now here’s all the information that you need:

Wick & Hide can be found on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram! Go follow, share and buy their wonderful and breathtakingly beautiful pieces and share with me your experience and what you chose!

I hope you enjoyed this little (pha.. little!) review blog and stay tuned as there is something big coming soon!

See you soon!


NOTE: All opinions are my own – I paid out of my own pocket for this cover and can seriously say that I’m just that impressed with Wick & Hide that I wanted to do this review!


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