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Travellers Notebook | Holiday Journaling Part 2

Back in March, I posted a blog about my travel journaling for when we went away to Budapest. I enjoyed journaling and taking the time to create memorable pages so when the opportunity came to journal again, this time for a family holiday, I was quite excited to see how it would turn out!

2016-05-13 21.38.40

Now.. this holiday, we stayed in the UK, but it doesn’t make for any less of a holiday to journal. For this blog, I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking, but at the end I’ll cover the items I used!

More of an FYI, I haven’t finished the finer details of my journal yet (they’re the more personal bits!) This is more to show you the design and layout of the journal!


2016-05-13 21.39.08

2016-05-13 21.39.39

2016-05-13 21.39.45

2016-05-13 21.39.54

2016-05-13 21.40.01

2016-05-13 21.40.07

2016-05-13 21.40.19

2016-05-13 21.40.34

2016-05-13 21.40.42

2016-05-13 21.40.50

2016-05-13 21.40.56

2016-05-13 21.41.00

2016-05-13 21.41.04

And that’s it!

See you soon!


Items Mentioned:

Midori Passport Blank Notebook – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Midori Passport Plastic Folder – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Polaroid Zip Printer – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Dymo Label Printer – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Black Sting & Washer Envelope – Simply Envelopes

Dew Drop Tuxedo Black Ink – Amazon UK & Amazon US

October Afternoon Decade Stamp – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Ready Set Go Project Life Cards – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Wander Project Life Cards – eBay UK & Amazon US

Explore Project Life Die Cuts – eBay


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