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My Planners | Travellers Notebook

Continuing my new planner series, we’re moving onto my traveller’s notebooks! Now, in my head.. I thought I had way less that this! However when it came to pulling them all out to photograph, they just kept coming and coming! I wouldn’t have said I was that big of a fan of Traveller’s Notebooks, but clearly I was wrong!

SoSteffSo | Travelers Notebook Line Up

I’ll go into them in more detail below, but from left to right they are as follows: Wick and Hide Custom Expresso Nuuna Notebook, Chic Sparrow A5 Creme Brulee in Dark Chocolate, Midori Standard in Camel, Midori Standard in Brown, Wick and Hide ExpressoPersonal, Chic Sparrow Filed Notes Creme Brulee Deluxe in Dark Chocolate and finally Midori Passport in Brown.

Midori Brand

SoSteffSo | Midori Brand

The Midori brand is where I first started my Traveller’s Notebook journey.. you just have to try them out at some point in your life! I bought my first brown Midori and I loved the feel, the smell and the idea behind it. I generally used it for lists and notes but as I started getting into bullet journaling, I moved to my Nuuna and my brown Midori got put away in a drawer. Every now and again, I’ll get her out and use her for more project based lists that are long-term, like wedding planning and first home planning but for the most part, she’s tucked away (boo!).

My Camel Midori is a newcomer to the pack and if I’m honest, I bought her on impulse! They released the new editions and I didn’t want to miss out, so I snapped on up and I’ve not used her yet! I’m still to come up with the perfect setup! Shame on me, I know.

Finally is my Brown Passport sized Midori. This baby is STUFFED. I took this one away with me to Budapest and also to Centre Parcs this year as she is the perfect size for journaling. I can easily fit project life cards in, I can slip the books in and out to write stuff or stick stuff in and the bonus is that they don’t weigh me down or add too much bulk to a bag or suitcase. So although she’s used, she is only used for holidays or journaling and I do that very rarely.. so again, until the right moment comes, she’s safely tucked away from any chance of being scratched!

(If you want to see my Midori Passport journaling blogs, you can click here and here!)

Wick & Hide

SoSteffSo | Wick & Hide

I discovered Wick and Hide on one of the Facebook groups. I looked at their selection and liked the fact they were UK based, so asked them to custom make me a cover for my Nuuna Notebook. Unfortunately, Nuuna Notebook’s are slightly bigger than A5 which means the standard A5 and A5 wide sizes didn’t fit! I chose an Expresso coloured leather with yellow elastics, and I love it. My Nuuna Bullet Journal is housed in this and comes with me to work and back again. The leather is ageing nicely and actually looks pretty cute with its bumps and bruises! This is an odd kind of TN as it’s not your standard type, but my Nuuna is still hooked into the elastics like normal, it’s just on a bigger scale!

As I like my Nuuna cover so much, I bough the personal sized Wick & Hide cover, again in Expresso. I love this, and love the colour again, but again.. Impulse caught me! I did have a few ideas for her, but they seem to have gone down the pan. I’ll figure out a use for her at some point, but for now. She just catches the rays on my shelf.

Chic Sparrow

SoSteffSo | Chic Sparrow

Finally are my Chic Sparrow Traveller’s Notebooks. These were the first ones I bought after my Midori as the brand was and is infamous in the TN world! I got my Field Notes first, and again loved it for a while but grew too big for it. This little baby is stored away until I decide my permanent plans for her.

As for my big A5 wide, this is my drawing/sketching/note-taking notebook. I keep this big boy close by my bed so I can scratch anything down. I also keep a mechanical pencil attached to the eclectics so that I’m never caught without!

And thats it for my TNs. There are a few but a lot of them just aren’t in use at the moment. I’ll figure it out but for now, that’s my setup! As always, shout if you want to ask any questions or if you want to know more about a particular setup!

See you soon!


Items Mentioned

Midori Standard Brown – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Midori Standard Camel – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Midori Passport Brown – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Wick & Hide – Etsy

Chic Sparrow – Shop

*This post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive some pocket money (at no cost to yourself) if you purchase something through the links provided. I only ever post a link to a product I use myself and would recommend!



  1. Sheila Taylor

    Did you consider the new Moleskine traveller’s notebook? It comes in two sizes. I really like the format.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sosteffso

      Haven’t seen the Moleskine TN! I might have to take a look! Thanks! 😊


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