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Bullet Journal | DIY Bullet Journal

I’m frugal. I HATE spending money when I know there must be a cheaper way of getting the same result. That being said, I’m also fussy.. especially when it comes to notebooks and paper weight! What I decided to do, was see if there was cheaper or even a valid alternative to make my own (sort-of!) notebook.. there was!

I recently found out that DoxDirect – a company I’ve been using for a few months to print my A5 Lined Work Filofax  inserts – did spiral bound printing services. I decided to use them as a test making my own notebook with the help of some online magic!

I use a site called Incompetech to ‘create’ my paper. They have a whole bunch of different paper styles like standard lined with a margin, dotted and grid to music sheets and accounting ledgers! I just choose the paper style I want, specify the page size, choose my colours and hit go. Simple as that! I do do some cheeky Adobe Acrobat Reader (free to download!) editing afterwards to get rid of their small watermark – but shh! (In all seriousness, as I’m not reselling this paper it’s not an issue to get rid of the watermark!) After I’m happy with my paper styling, I’ll make a book out of the one downloaded file I have.

I’ll then use a service such as DoxDirect to create my notebook. For this one, I chose A5 size, with 300 double-sided pages, 120gsm paper weight, on a silver spiral with a black card front and back cover. You can also (at least with DoxDirect) add acetate covers and tabs for a bit extra money, but I just went for a simple DIY notebook.

In total, with shipping, it cost me just shy of £12.00. That’s approx. $17.59. That’s everything though.. the book, the shipping and the covers. I know you might be able to get a cheaper notebook from a supermarket but by making your own, you’re getting what you want from a notebook!

Once it arrived, I did do some tests to make sure it could work as a Bullet Journal and I think it did really well! I did some daily pages and also a collection and the paper held up amazingly.

I think this is such a good alternative to paying crazy amounts for a notebook, especially for beginners who aren’t sure on the method! It’s also perfect if you want to chose the paper weight and the styling! I will say, DoxDirect also do bound covers.. just like Leuchtturm and Moleskine but with your choice of paper!

This might not be for everyone, and it is a little bit time-consuming but I think it’s worth it and beside, I told you.. I’m fussy!

I hope you found this post somewhat helpful and enjoyed it! If you’d like me to do a step-by-step walkthrough with images and screenshots then just let me know in the comments!

Until then, see you soon!


*All thoughts are my own and I paid for these items out of my own pocket. I genuinely just love DoxDirect!




  1. Steph, what a great idea. I have used Incompetech for different projects too. Don’t know if I would do my own journal. I’m still playing around with my semi-used notebooks, but your post is really fun and btw, your journal looks beautiful. Congratulations. And, I will check out DoxDirect. Thank you.

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  2. biggerthanalasagna

    I hadn’t considered this before. It’s a cool idea and I appreciate the links! Thanks for posting on the G+ Bullet Journal group page.

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  3. Lisa

    Oh my God I love this!!! I am using a Leuchtturm notebook for bullet journaling which I really really love, it’s perfect except one thing… I think the paper is not very good for that price. Many of my fountain pens bleed through and for that price I actually expect something better :/ but that’s really the only thing that annoys me a little bit.
    I’ll definitely look at that website and see how much it would cost to create my own notebook, I think 120gsm paper would be perfect!

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