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Bullet Journal | Travellers Notebook Layouts

When I first started bullet journaling, my main worry was not knowing the best way to get things setup. As the community has grown, the need for inspiration and ideas has been met! There is such an abundance of creativity and kindness!

I wanted to contribute to the love and give some Travellers Notebook inspired layouts for those of you who are a bit stumped at what might work best and how to lay things out! As an FYI, my regular setup remains the same – a simple monthly overview and then ad-hoc dailies but if you’d like to see an updated setup let me know in the comments below.

Let’s get on with it shall we? I have 5 setups (a mixture of monthlies, weeklies and dalies). There isn’t anything new or awe inspiring about these, but they might just be a bit the bit of inspiration you needed to get started!

Monthly Calendar Layout

This first layout is an obvious but simple monthly overview. I setup November in this format and was surprised at how big the squares could be for a regular Midori sized insert. I like how this looks with the washi blocking out the blank days of the previous and future months as it adds a pop of colour but you could just colour these in or leave them blank! As for the days themselves, I think they’re a nice size with enough room to write appointments in them (if you only have a few a day) or you could even use some mini Avery label stickers in the boxes to indicate certain activities or tasks. The notes section at the end of the week could be removed or used for tracking certain activities that week like kids football practice or task to do that month.

Basic Monthly Overview

This basic overview is a bow back to the original method. I like it because you can add some simple pops of colour within the month names or even the days of the week but you still get a clear and concise overview as to what your month is shaping up like. This is the overview I use and one thing I like to do is go back after the fact and add in things I’ve done like seen my Nephew or went for lunch, this way it’s not only functional, it also works out as a nice memory keeper!

Week on 1 Page & To-Do List

Again, another very obvious one but it’s nice to see the amount of space you’d have in the days of the week. This layout might work best for someone who likes a big amount of space for notes and to-do’s but likes to keep appointments and regular activities separately. I like this setup as you’d end up with a really nice view at how your week is shaping up and you wouldn’t have a need to rewrite tasks every day. The extra space could be nice for meal planning notes or separated into places you need to go to buy groceries or calls you need to make.

Week on 2 Pages

This is an alternate to the one above. If you find the daily space isn’t enough but you like the days separated out then a week on 2 pages is probably more flexible for you. You could use the next clean page as your to-do/notes page for that week. This would work nicely for someone with lots of appointments per day or someone with very few to-do tasks a day. It could also work as a cleaning tracker layout or for someone who does freelance/consultancy work who needs a simple layout to track what they’re dedicating their time too each day.

Week on 1 Page, Dutch Door & To-Do List


This one is a bit of a trial of some of the layouts I’ve seen people do in their A5 journals – luckily, it still works for a TN! I did a week on 1 page on the left hand side and instead of writing the days like I did previously, I wrote them length ways! I really love how that looks and it saves so much space! As for the dutch door, on one side I’ve put a full meal plan for the entire week and then on the reverse I’ve allowed for water intake, to buy, to call and online orders. These mini sections could be changed to whatever your needs might be, but it was nice to see quite how much you could fit onto one half of a regular Midori sized insert. Finally, on the right, I’ve got a full to-do/notes page. Again, this can be used as a weekly list or as a place to make your notes. I really like how this turned out in the end, it looks pretty neat and still really minimalist!

So that’s all of my layout suggestions for a travellers notebook. If you’ve got any other ideas, be sure to share them down below and as always, I’ll see you next time!


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Travelers Times Inserts – Etsy


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