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Bullet Journal | Updated Midori Setup

I thought that now, after being in my Midori for well over 4 Months, would be a good time to show you how my setup and styles have changed! As with most of my posts, this is an image heavy one so my advice would be to snuggle up, get a drink and enjoy! Excuse some of the washed out photos! Lighting was poor and it was the best I could do!

Links to all the items I use are at the bottom and as always comment below if you have any questions!

As soon as you open my Midori up, you’ll notice I have a pocket. I saw that Jessica for Pretty Prints and Paper has used the front pouch as a dashboard and made her own watercolour quote. I loved that idea so much that I grabbed by Tombow’s, my favourite quote and went to town. This is the finished result and I must say that its perfect. It’s such a nice reminder and great inspiration when I open my planner at start the day!

The back of the pocket has three credit card holders. I use these to house my sticky notes, spare book darts and then any other paper clips in a small brown pouch. I like to keep these close to the front so If I need a sticky note, I can grab one and go!

Following my pocket is my first notebook. These notebooks are from a wonderfully talented lady called Keeley from Travellers Times on Etsy – they’re nice thick smooth paper which I’ve never had much of an issue with in regards to bleed through, ghosting or anything.. even with fountain pens!

This first notebook is my future log. I do things a little differently to save me a bit or time/rework. As I’m using the bullet journal system in a TN, it made most sense to me to have the future log as an longstanding notebook which would stay in the TN until it ran out of pages and then use another notebook for my monthly/weekly/daily pages – so that’s exactly what I did!

I just have month after month rolling in this notebook. Nothing else. I use the ‘normal’ bullet Journal style monthly overview as this just works well enough for me without having to complicate it. I just keep a book dart on the month I’m on for easy flipping!

Next up is my second notebook and this is the home for those monthly/weekly/daily pages I mentioned. I also house my monthly bill tracker and brain sweep and also my weekly habit tracker and meal plan. It’s an all in one spot for all my planner needs!

My page layouts have evolved over time but I always like to go for something that’s easy, simple and fast to do and won’t have me spending hours setting up one weeks pages or even one day! I like to write in the same coloured pen, again for ease and I have a simple symbol/signifiers system which allows me to spot uncompleted tasks from events and those that I’ve already done.

The main way my pages have changed is the way I write, my ‘font’ as such. I usually use the fake calligraphic style above but I wanted to mix it up and try new styles out so I ended up with the below. Same information, same symbols/signifiers and same pen.. just a new layout! I have added a new spot for appointments to make them really stand out, but I’m not sure on wether I’m keeping it or wether it just one step too many!

Finally, I have my TN pencil board and the back of the pouch, the zip compartment.

The pencil board is so helpful when you get past the spine of a notebook and the page just wont sit straight or if my surface isn’t flat – plus, I love the new 10th anniversary ones too as the colour of them is so punchy! As for the zipper pouch I keep scraps of paper for notes, money calculations and any notes I need to write up and transfer into my Malden safely tucked away in here.

And I think that’s about it for the latest setup! Not to much going on, but just how I like it. Simple!

Hope you enjoyed this blog and see you soon!


Items Mentioned

Midori Standard Brown – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Midori Pen Loop (Medium) – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Pentel Energel 0.5 Needle Tip Pen – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Midori Zipper Pouch – Amazon UK & Amazon US

Travelers Times Inserts – Etsy

Sticky Notes – Paperchase

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